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About Us

Ted Gerstein and Karen Russo first met while working together at ABC News Nightline. They met again (for breakfast) after leaving ABC News Nightline and (eventually) began to work for their family businesses.

Karen Russo

Karen Russo is an award-winning journalist who has traveled the world reporting on human interest and breaking news stories. As a journalist for more than 20 years, she worked in television, radio and print media, including at both ABC News and NBC News.

While with ABC News, she was a digital reporter based in India for three years. From there, Karen worked throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. She reported and produced from Iraq and Afghanistan where she covered stories such as the DEA’s Fast Team busting drug traffickers and a California National Guard unit which helped struggling Afghan farmers.

Karen left ABC News to produce for NBC News' "Rock Center with Brian Williams." Eventually, she fulfilled her family destiny by joining the family produce company founded by her great-grandfather more than a century earlier.

Ted Gerstein

For close to two decades Ted Gerstein lived the exciting life of a network news producer. Bouncing from celebrity interviews to Presidential politics to investigative reporting, Ted spent his nights partying with rock stars and his days with South American dictators.

Following 9/11, Ted focused his reporting on New York City law enforcement and the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. Nightline aired profiles of New York City’s firemen, policeman, The Bomb Squad and recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

In 2007, He co-authored the book Bomb Squad, which chronicled a year in the life of the New York City Bomb Squad.

Ted left ABC News in 2013 to work with the manufacturing company started by his grandfather some 90 years earlier.

Ted currently lives in New York City with his wife and 2 children.

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